Online communities are more powerful than ever. Everyone is stuck inside. People are looking for education, ways to make money, and ways to connect with other humans. There isn't a platform that brings this all together.

Some of the people that need this most are teachers, coaches, mentors, and influencers that typically focus on their voice only.


Officeparty will become a platform for anyone to build the best online communities that bring people together by creating online courses, gaining access to affiliate tools and private group chats as well as weekly mastermind calls with their community hosts.

During the hackathon, we want to build a new product within our platform: The challenge model that focuses on new habits for those stuck at home. Fitness, meditation, cooking, etc. This is a simple way to join others and root each other on during 30-day challenges that community hosts can follow.


We started with a social media agency. We built a network of over 7B combined total followers. We have worked with small influencers and worked with the biggest. We learned one thing over and over: Communities are invaluable. There is nothing like it. After all, we are humans and we ALL need more love and more acceptance.

What it does

Officeparty combines education, e-commerce capabilities, and affiliate superpowers to power online communities so more people can automate their lives and never go to an office again.

How we built it

Our backend has been developed using Loopback, a node js framework used to build APIs and microservices. Our frontend has been developed using React with SCSS and Redux.

Challenges we ran into

Design of a highly flexible and scalable database keeping in mind that thousands of users will be using it simultaneously.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What we learned

We learned the implementation of Stripe payouts and Stripe connect while designing our APIs. We also learned how to reduce our frontend bundle size when the user loads the web app for the first time.

What's next for officeparty

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