Because of the pandemic organization around the world are using Teams today. However, many of these organization are only using Teams for Online Meetings and Chat. I see Microsoft Teams as a digital fabric for collaboration that seamlessly weave together data and people, enabling people to be tightly interconnected, to communicate, collaborate, create, and innovate in new ways, all in the flow of work.

I see a problem in Teams today. Microsoft Teams is missing an integrated user experience across Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Outlook, Office and OneDrive.

Studies shows that fifty-four percent of office professionals says they are wasting time search for files in online filing systems and almost one in five office professionals ranked “digging for files they need” as the No. 1 barrier to remote work. Time is often wasted in meetings searching for information that is needed in the meeting. Finding a file is time consuming! In my experience, this often result in not using Teams fully, because things just get complicated.

If we want to give people the full value of Microsoft Teams we have to do something.

What it does

Office2SharePoint for Teams. The message here is very simple *“SEARCH AND YOU WILL FIND”. *

With Office2SharePoint we are providing users with a tool - an App - that will make it easy to find documents and files from within Microsoft Teams. We want to make it easy for our users to do their work and collaborate wherever they are in Teams. Equally important, on any device, also on the phone.

This is Office2SharePoint for Teams - minimizing distracting searches within Teams

Challenges we ran into

  1. Azure AD SSO was one of the challenges we faced but we managed to solve it.
  2. Sharing files with external is a challenge we are still facing

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of having Office2SharePoint for Teams Approved as a Microsoft 365 Certified App -

Easy deployment. The deployment is simple and fast;

  • No installation is required on any device
  • You deploy directly from Teams

The users guide in our YouTube Channel will help our customer to train and adopt the App

What's next for Office2SharePoint for Teams

We want to be able to share files with external. That is specially in meetings we have with people out side our own organization.

Already today we are able to use an Office2SharePoint Teams BOT to help us find a file. However we are going to improv this even more. Using Cognitive Search as an AI-driven tool to instantly find the right documents by asking natural questions to Office2SharePoint chatbot.

Take a live demo.

You can try Office2SharePoint your-self. We prepared a demo M365 tenant where you can see and test Office2SharePoint.

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