Due to the Covid 19 crisis, many people are forced to work from home. Not everyone has got the necessary equipment or a quiet room to do remote work. We offer a way to find unused workplaces just around the corner. This allows you to shorten your travel distance while still being able to work efficiently.

What it does

Office Next Door enables you to find a place to work remotely just around the corner of your home. You can view all offers on a map or in a list. Each workplace can be viewed in more detail, where you can also book the place for as many days as you need it.

If you have a spare room you want to share, you can create a new offer and have it displayed in the app for other users to discover.

How I built it

We started by brainstorming ideas. Once we were satisfied with the idea, we started to build mockups to see which screens a user might need. This allowed us to easily split up the tasks among the developers since everyone was able to work on a screen in isolation.

We used Flutter and Firebase to build our app. We all wanted to try out Flutter since we have never worked with it before.

We spent the whole weekend in a voice chat to give eachother feedback and help eachother out continuously.

Challenges we ran into

Since we all have never used Flutter before, learning Flutter was the biggest challenge. We weren't aware of best practices and had to come up with our own solutions. This caused some ugly code as we don't have enough time during a hackathon to dive deep into the technology itself. This was a really helpful learning experience since we made really good progress.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are happy that we were able to build a working prototype in only 2 days with the following features:

  • signup with email
  • login functionality
  • Google Maps integration (geolocation, markers, tooltips)
  • photo-gallery
  • date-picker
  • real-time datastorage

What we learned

We learned to work with Flutter and became fond of the framework.

What's next for Office Next Door

The prototype needs further improvements to fulfill the requirements of an MVP. But before we continue coding we need to answer to following questions:

  • How much of a need is there for such a product?
  • How can we make sure to limit interactions between users to be conform with the Covid-19 precautions?

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