What it does

A simple shooter with fun history and elements in VR

How I built it

Build with Unity3D, with C#

Challenges I ran into

  • Complete a playable game with too little time
  • The game must run fine within a limited hardware (Samsung Note 5 or S7)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next


Built With

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Marcelo Roca posted an update

New version posted in contructVR. When the enemies has been destroyed, their components (gems) get explosion forces applied, and are absorbed by the core. In the next update I will add points for the ship destroyed, and other movements for the ships.

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Marcelo Roca posted an update

The project is going, player teleportation is working, music and the planet core is connected, now I need to work in the enemies.

The scene of the game is in the space, with abstract elements (only have glow effect), the idea of the game is to defeat enemies that are attacking the core of the planet. When we kill the invaders, the core can generate more powerful weapons.

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