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What it does

allows students to queue up in a video chat room to ask their professor questions. The professor and the first student in the queue broadcast their cameras and microphones to the rest of the room (untested beyond 2 participants at of 6:30 am)

How we built it

  • Build a backend server using express to authenticate users, create rooms and sessions for users, and generate tokens for clients to use in order to join the rooms and stream video to each other via the tokbox api
  • Created custom routes for /professorName for each room
  • made static HTML pages with basic functionality and design to house login buttons and chat elements

Challenges we ran into

  • Working on backend technologies we aren't too familiar with
  • Managing persistent data (ie which data should be persistent and how to make it persist between the client and server
  • Unfamiliarity with web tokens

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Getting chat room creation and (at least 2 person) chat functionality working!
  • Learning how to set up a web server and deal with client/server data at a rapid pace

What we learned

  • Working with backend technologies
  • more about architecture of web technologies, authentication, APIs

What's next for Office Hours Online

  • Canvas for instructor / currently speaking student to write/draw on
  • Disconnect handling
  • Text chat
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