People these days work in open offices, to foster collaboration. But one of the most common problems is finding people or spaces to collaborate

What it does

Office assistant knows where different people are & will tell you how to find them. If you want to find say Bob, it would tell you where it last saw Bob or tell who it saw Bob with. If someone needs to book a focus room you could ask Office assistant to do that

How we built it

''' It presumes that images from different parts of office security cameras are getting uploaded in a s3 bucket organized by location, date & time A backend lambda parses different images & captures - people who are in the images, objects etc & stores it as time series data in DynamoDB When a request is made to office assistant to find someone it looks the DB To book a room Office Assistant integrates with Robin Calendar API

Challenges we ran into

Image rekognition S3 design

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have working code to pull data from s3 to identify objects & faces. There are few bugs are face detection. Update into dynamoDB is pending

What we learned

What's next for Office Assistant

Fix bugs with rekognition Complete dynamodb integration

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