Inspiration1: Promoting Academic Excellence,Learning,Testing, Certifications,Employments to MicroSoft Office Suite Learners, Tutors and Users...

Microsoft Office Suite(Word,Excel,PowerPoints,Access etc.) is a very big venerable applications. Most time, MS Tutors, Students(Learners) etc often forgets functions some Ms Suites components due to lack of Testing. quizzing, Home works etc after being tutored on daily basis.

In Africa, Nigeria to be precised were Certifications is valued more than anything, hundreds of thousands of People (MS Suite Learners) are facing Employments issues due to the fact that after their training that they are not certified by Microsoft. Just Like in Cisco, Oracle etc. My friend's Sister was also a victim because when She ask to present her Cert on Microsoft Office Suite as experienced Ms Office Suite Trained Professional which was part of the recruitment processes. The Cert was no where to be found.....

How do We mitigate this issues.. A.) We Created an Online Testing and Quizzing System for Microsoft Office Suit Users for knowledge Testing, Home-Works, Exams etc on daily basis once they have finished their Program for the day. To make things easier, The Quiz System was also created as an Add-In so that testing can easily take place inside Microsoft Office Suite Applications as can be shown eg in the screenshot below

Microsoft Word Add-In

B.) We Created a Certification System to enable MS Suite Tutors/Admins to generate Certificates for each of their students at the end of every course. In this way, they will Certified their Students on behalf of Microsoft......The Certification allows the Admin to Upload Company's Logo, Signature and can choose any Certificate Templates of choices

Inspiration2: Jobs Recruitment and Promotional Processes for Business, Companies etc.

Thousands, Millions of Companies uses online Testing, Examination System etc as a First steps in Jobs Seekers recruitment Processes and also when promoting their Staff to a higher Position. All this companies can now create an account with the app and customize their system to suite their Learning and Testing needs..

Inspiration3: Educational Excellence between Lecturers and Students . Office Users are over hundreds of Millions while most of them are Schools, Institutions of High Learnings..... etc. Schools, Lecturers,Students etc can create an account as company and facilitates Learning, Testings, quizzing's among their Members in real-time.

How to Use It Step by Step

1.) Signup/Login as Admin using your Microsoft Work/School Accounts from here
2.) Register Your Company/Organisation to generate the Company ID
3.) If your are a Microsoft Office Suite Tutor who has many Students who needs to be Certified after their Microsoft Office Suite Learning Programme then Click on Certificates-->select Build Certificates. This option will allow you to Sign Your Companies Signature on the real-Time Canvas, Upload your Company's Seal or Logo Image and then choose Certificate Templates of your choice.
4.)Click on Generate Certificate to see how Your Students Certifications will look like.
Please Press CTRL button and at the same Time scroll your mouse to adjust your computer screen to better have an overall Picture of the Certificates.

5.)Go To Quiz option. First, Choose Create Text Quiz if you want to create just objective Test, or Select Create Image/Photo Quiz If you want to create an Objective quiz that also displays Image Description of each questions..

6.)On each of the Quiz Creation Page. On Step 1 Enter Quiz Title eg. (Microsoft Word Home-work Test), Enter Quiz Category and Sub Category, Pick Quiz Duration Time and Score Per Questions.
On Step 2: Enter Test Questions, Options and Correct Answers(Eg.A,B,C,D).

7.) Test the Quiz by going to the Quiz Menu option

8.) To View Your Applicants/Members Results or Performance, click on Manage Quiz -->Select View Quiz Performances. You can also generate Applicants Certificates from there.......

9.)Distribute your generated Company's ID so that anyone/members so that with it, they can take the quiz.

Running the Test and Quizzing System as An Add-In on Ms Office Suite.

The Adding has been tested and implemented on Msword so we will take it further to other various components like Excel, Power Points etc...... Steps are as follow...

1.) Goto and login
2.) Select/Click on Eg Word to proceed.
3.)Next Click/Select New Blank Document
4.) Click on Insert on the Menu Bar of online MS Word
5.)Next Click on Office Add-In
6.)On the Pop up that Loads, Click on Upload My Add-In
7.) Now you will be presented with Upload an Add-In Form. It will required you to upload BoilerplateManifest.xml file so that the Quiz System will be loaded into Word online.
8.) Download/save BoilerplateManifest.xml from here /ms_data/BoilerplateManifest.xml](http:///ms_data/BoilerplateManifest.xml)

Make sure you saved the file as BoilerplateManifest.xml
9.)Browse and Upload the File on the space provided within Ms Word. Then the application will be loaded automatically as an Add-In within the MS-Word Online and you are in there....

How I built it

It was built using Microsoft 365 Office Graph, Microsoft Add-In etc

What's next for Office 365 Quiz

Expanding Features to other various Ms Office Suites Applications. Creating an advance customizing templates so that different Companies and organisations can customize the application based on their Individual needs

Built With

  • microsoft-add-in
  • microsoft-office-365-api
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