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Groups component was created to connect Office Groups and SharePoint Online in order to get the best out of each program. It provides seamless access to your Office Groups from within a SharePoint page.

The completely interactive and responsive web part includes access to the full list of Groups you are a member of, viewing and creation of your favorites along with a search filter. A side panel provides a quick review of recent activity, as well as shortcuts to all Group features including the Group Outlook messages, events in the Outlook agenda, files from SharePoint and even commentary from OneNote.

Daily operations are eased and employee interaction is increased as you now have a direct connection to your team and all Group content without ever leaving the web part. The Groups component enables you to take advantage of Office Groups in SharePoint and increase overall usage of all Office 365 features.

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Groups: Access Groups in SharePoint

Admin Edit Dashboard

Welcome to the SharePoint Dashboard. As an Admin, you can add web parts to include in your dashboard. To add a web part, go to the top left of the page header. Click on the Edit button. A + sign appears. Click on the + sign. A pop up window of all available web parts appears. Click on the web part you wish to add. Let’s add Groups. The web part now appears on the dashboard. Click save and close at the top left of the page header to save your changes. The Groups Component now appears on your dashboard.


The SharePoint Groups component connects Microsoft’s Groups to your SharePoint dashboard.

Search Option

To make finding a group faster, there is a search engine feature. The search engine uses key words to filter through your inbox. To filter your groups, go to the top of the web part. At the top right corner of the header is a search engine box.

Click with in the box. Type in a key word to filter your search. The filtered results appear.

Open a Group

To open a Group, hover over to the Group you want to open. Click on the Group icon. The Group opens as a pop up window.

At the top if the window is the title of the Group. Below the title are the icons of each user who is a part of the group. For more info on a user, hover on their icon here.


Below “Conversation” a user can see all the current messages on the Group. To see the entire message, click on the message. The full conversation opens. To respond, click within the reply box, below the original message. Type in your response message. Then click the “Send” button to send your message. Your response appears below the original message. Click on the “Back” button to return to the group page.


Under “Events”, all events for the next few days or weeks are highlighted, keeping users up to date on deadlines. To see all event info, hover to the event you want to view. Click on the event. The full event opens showing the time, notes, organizer and attendees. Click on the “Back” button to return to the group page.


Under “Files”, the latest group documents are listed, for easy access. To open a file, hover over to the file you want to open. Click on the file. The document opens in Office 365 online with full collaborative capabilities. Click on the “Back” button to return to the group page.

Favorite Group

If you access a group often, add it to your favorites. To add a Group to your Favorites, go to the top of the group page. Click on the slider button next to “Add to my favorites group”, at the top of the Group page below the title. It the button is blue; the group is a part of your favorites.

To remove a Group from your favorite, the same slider button. If the slider is white, the group is not a part of your favorites.

To access our favorite groups from the dashboard, click on the My Favorite Groups button, at the top left of the web part. Only your Favorite groups appear.

To access all groups, you belong to, click on the My Groups button on the top left corner of the web part header.


Powell Software is a communication solutions provider and collaborator of Office 365. Headquartered between France and the United States, Powell Software has transformed communication, collaboration and business productivity for more than 80,000 people who currently use the intranet solution Powell 365.

As a collaborative intranet, Powell 365 helps accelerate the digital transformation of any enterprise by enriching internal communication with all the functional components of Office 365. Daily operations are eased and employee interaction is increased thanks to useful features such as Yammer, Delve, Office Video or Power BI, with access from anywhere, on any multi-device and at any time. Powell 365 is designed for several different business sectors and currently operates as a corporate intranet, an intranet for retail and soon an intranet for cities.

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