Smart Offer

Smart Offer is a web application that helps you decipher the terms of all your various job offers. It provides you with a comparison of your offers by standardizing them based on cost of living and other regional expenses.


Note : Please make sure your MongoDB is running. For MongoDB installation guide see this. Also npm3 is required to install dependencies properly.

If this doesn't work on Windows Subsystem for Linux, try installing an older version of MongoDB using sudo apt-get install mongodb. Then, run it in a separate bash window using sudo mongod. You may have to create an additional directory by running sudo mkdir /data/db.

  npm install
  npm start

You can access the app at http://localhost:8000.

Available Commands (from original project)

  1. npm run start - starts the development server with hot reloading enabled

  2. npm run bs - bundles the code and starts the production server

  3. npm run test - start the test runner

  4. npm run watch:test - start the test runner with watch mode

  5. npm run cover - generates test coverage report

  6. npm run lint - runs linter to check for lint errors

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