‘OFFA.me’ creates extraordinary user experiences wherever you go by combining real time proximity marketing with an enhanced understanding of customers.

The system integrates advanced features of the Salesforce platform with the new Proximity Sensor technology to;

  1. send offers to mobile phones of people in or near a business premises (retail store, restaurant, entertainment venue, etc), and
  2. provide the business with intelligence on customers in range and responses to offers sent.

The system ties together four distinct elements; • proximity sensing technology integrated into Salesforce, • a mobile application that presents offers, • a mobile friendly VisualForce page with customer information, and • Salesforce 1 actions.

Location Sensing Technology; The newly released Proximity Technology is used to broadcast to customers phones. The Proximity sensors are communicating with Cordova and an Android application, 99.9% sure this is the first such integration of these technologies.

Mobile Application; The offer presentation application is built on Android using Ember.js and hosted on Heroku with PostgresDB. The simple, user-friendly interface presents your latest offer and allows you to claim it by swiping near the sensor.

Mobile Friendly Customer Information; The mix of mobile friendly VisualForce and Salesforce1 actions allows a business owner to access information about offers made and enables one to one conversations with previously unknown customers. For businesses, this will be a new and powerful business tool that will help them drive sales and profits with improved ROI.

By leveraging new Proximity Sensing technology, we are using the Internet of Things to create the Internet of Customers.

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