As a teen, it’s embarrassing and awkward to openly ask your doctor questions about things like drugs, alcohol, sex, etc. when your parents are in the room. These conversations reveal risk factors that lead to accidents and suicide, the two biggest killers in the adolescent population. Accidents are 48% causes of adolescent mortality.

What it does

Teens can text a number specific to their doctor which sends them back a link to a uniquely generated secure messaging portal where they can enter in the question or concern they have for their doctor privately and securely. The message is then delivered to the doctor's Electronic Medical Record and erased completely from the teen's phone. There is no app to install or data on the phone that can be tracked.

How we built it

We used the Twilio API for handling SMS, Flask to build the backend, and vue.js on the frontend. We used a HAPI FHIR server as well.

Built With

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