Off The Grid

Super awesome offline, peer-to-peer, real-time canvas collaboration iOS app


Most people around the world will experience limited or no Internet access at times during their daily lives. We could be underground (on the subway), flying on an airplane, or simply be living in areas where Internet access is scarce and expensive. However, so much of our work and regular lives depend on being connected to the Internet. I believe that working with others should not be affected by Internet access, especially knowing that most of our smart devices are peer-to-peer Wifi and Bluetooth capable. This inspired me to come up with Off The Grid, which allows up to 7 people to collaborate on a single canvas in real-time to share work and discuss ideas without needing to connect to Internet. I believe that it would inspire more future innovations to help the vast offline population and make their lives better.

Technology Used

Off The Grid is a Swift-based iOS application that uses Apple's Multi-Peer Connectivity Framework to allow nearby iOS devices to communicate securely with each other without requiring Internet access.


Integrating the Multi-Peer Connectivity Framework into our application was definitely challenging, along with managing memory of the bit-maps and designing an easy-to-use and beautiful canvas

Team Members

Thanks to Sharon Lee, ShuangShuang Zhao and David Rusu for helping out with the project!

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