So, it started off when my friend faced an issue searching for a housing, as you must have known that it is hard to get an on campus housing for seniors in the college. As my friend personally faced a problem by going through websites to get an on campus housing. It used to take sometimes days or months to find a preferred housing. So, we decided to make a website called Off Dwelling where Seniors can find their preferred housing not days or months, but within minutes.

What it does

Off Dwelling is going to help you find your suitable off campus housing. It is going to help you navigate through different housing properties. When you click on create an account, the user will go through a background check. After going through the background check, you can start searching for your preferred housing. When you get your desired housing, you can have a chat with the owner and after having a chat with the owner, you should upload your documents which include your details and the college your studying. When the documents get verified. Instead of going through the property or travelling for hours to go to the property. In order to verify the property, you can have a video chat with the owner, where the owner shows you the property. So, yeah after that you can go and have a look at the house.

How we built it

We built using Figma, QuestAI and Github.

Challenges we ran into

Converting the prototype into a website wasn't easy. As beginners, it was difficult to design a prototype but we tried our level best and we have shown it here.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we put our 100% effort in making this project. So, we did what we wanted to make and we are really proud of it.

What we learned

We learn that making an website wasn't easy. It not only includes the software stuff, but you should also work on the business model and market analysis. We got to know more about team work and everybody should put their effort to make it possible.

What's next for Off Dwelling

We can start a paid newsletter where people will pay small amount of money in order to read the newsletter. -> We will also include the subscription category where there are no ads and you will also get discounts on housing.

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