Spreadsheets and mobile devices do not have the best relationship, especially when attempting to edit them. Paper is quite easy to lose and easy to ruin when working with wine. As everyone always has their phone on them, instead of tasking people with having their laptops and spreadsheets with them when winemaking, we wanted to create an app that would make it easy to track the winemaking process directly from a mobile device.

What it does

Oeno acts as a simplified spreadsheet and tracker for winemaking and all the necessary steps that come with it.

How we built it

For the framework of Oeno, we used React Native Elements, which dealt with the UI Components. We also used three other main programs to build Oeno and these were very significant to the app, but not a part of the core. Redux was used for state management, Redux Persist was used to "remember" the state of the app when one quits and relaunches, and lastly React Navigation was used to manage the different scenes (UI Views).

Challenges we ran into

Getting React-Native-SQLite-Storage up and running was the biggest challenge we faced. Ultimately, this may not have been the best solution for our group, but despite significant and tedious setbacks from this, we persisted and were able to accomplish our goal.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As a group, we had no prior experience with React Native on MacOS. Over this past week, we not only created Oeno, but learned React Native on the fly. Learning how to set up and work with React Native on MacOS, a completely new OS and environment for our group is something that we are proud of. Lastly, managing to have a vast majority of the app done by Friday with all of the setbacks we had is one thing we view as an accomplishment.

What we learned

There's usually a module out there that does what you want it to do better than what you think is the best way to do it. For us, dealing with React-Native-SQLite-Storage was where we learned this as we festered constantly over how to get it working without realizing that there may be an easy solution right there for the taking with another module.

What's next for Oeno

While there are many additions we would hope to add to Oeno, there are two features we see in the immediate future. First, we want to add an "Export to Spreadsheet" function. As Oeno is already basically a spreadsheet, just more organized and in a manner for easy phone viewing, we think having the ability to export to a spreadsheet for computer viewing is the ideal next step. Also, a graphing function for tags is another function that would be very beneficial to the user. This way, one can see the progress and track their custom tag over the course of time.

Built With

  • react-native-elements
  • react-navigation
  • redux
  • redux-persist
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