Odyssey is both a web based application for browsing and editing information and a set of data mining tools to generate some or all of the data that is displayed in the web based interface.

Odyssey is different from most websites in that it is primarily image based instead of text based, it has editing and organizing functionality built into it, and it presents information as entities arranged by their relationships instead of as written text.

Odyssey is an information tool designed for big data. The amount of raw information available on any topic via the internet is overwhelming and the traditional formats of articles and books are ill equipped to deal with this data overload.

Odyssey starts with data mining tools that automate the process of pouring through millions of pages of raw data and extracting the information that is relevant to the writers topic. Odyssey then provides an interface that allows the writer to absorb, edit, organize, and refine this information.

When an author publishes a story with Odyssey their readers can then view all of their source material in the same way they did.

Odyssey can either stand alone, providing a completely non-linear experience, where stories emerge from each individual's exploration of the content, or Odyssey data can be linked into traditional linear stories.

Either way, Odyssey enriches both the writing and reading process.

Once a story is published with Odyssey its editing, highlighting, and noting functionality can be used socially, so that stories can continue to evolve and grow over time. At the same time, Odyssey's automated data mining tools can continue to scour the web for fresh data, updating stories over time with the latest information.

The Odyssey demo implements core features like data mining, image and map views, entity bubbles, highlighting text and adding notes, and viewing history.

These features could be enhanced and added to with additional editing functionality, social functionality to share edits, highlights, and notes, and improved data mining tools to access more data sources.

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