Odyssey Era:

Have you ever wondered how travel-booking experiences would feel through a virtual reality interface? Our Amazon Sumerian Host Nancy walks you through every step during your travel destination and hotel selection journey in the rising “Hot Air Balloon.” With this, the user is able to explore various attractions, local gems and resorts in a city, check out local sights, and seek out key information or facts, all at the comfort of their own homes in an environment where the “Host” is able to listen and respond to them.

Use case:

The service targets travelers that would like to get assistance at travel destination selection in a fun, personalized, fully immersive way. The journey starts with helping the user getting a hold of controls and interface. The voice enabled interface is designed to make the experience seamless. The service gathers the interests and preferences of the user to tailor make a personalized destination selection experience. According to user’s preferences the Host takes the user the take off scene of a hot air balloon in the desired location and introduces the user the playful elements of the experience such as mini questionnaires and quiz-up questions. Depending on a user's performance and engagement in the experience, relevant promotions will be granted to the user in forms of discounted vouchers, extra night stays and hotel services. As the hot air balloon rises, the playful design allows users to be fully immersed through the journey. Following this, a user may then make up his/her mind on selecting the desired resort. The hosts gives more information with regards to that specific resort in detail, for example interiors, visitors’ insights and facilities. Once user has given his/her confirmation regarding the resort selection, the Host informs user to share his/her email address to get emailed the list of resorts and promotions awarded during the course of journey. On top of that, any resort can sign up for the virtual travel experience with ease while any travel enthusiast can benefit from the virtual reality experience for free.

Value proposition:

Helps user deciding on the travel destination by delivering the untapped true sense of an experience of the vacations, at the comfort of own user’s home. The opportunity here is by delivering an immersive virtual reality experience, on one hand the traveller makes the resort selection more informedly, whereas travel service providers will be targeting the right customers with promotions and advertisements. Wide adoption of the app is very likely as it is positioned as a platform between the travel service providers and customers.

Category of submission: Brand Engagement and Retail

Designated device: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift.

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