Awards and Prizes:

  1. The Coleman Foundation - Entrepreneurial Project Prize
  2. Lyft - Best Transportation Hack
  3. DESIGNATION - Best Experience for Users
  4. Best Project by a Illinois Tech ACM Member


Being a college student it's hard to feel motivated to explore the city on a budget and time constraint. We were thinking about how we would explore the city more if we had enough time. Looking up places and making up your mind about an event you like, is really time consuming! So we came up with Odyssey!

What it does

Odyssey takes in time constraints of the user and users preference in what type of events he/she wants to go to and displays the events they can go to based on sentiment analyzed reviews of people who have been to the place! It also contains a compendium of a person's royalty programs with different businesses providing a centralized system of storage instead of hundreds of different logins.

How we built it

Python and Flask are used for the backend of the project. Ionic Angular JS Framework was used for making the application Several Google Places API's were also used.

What's next for Odyssey

  1. Further research in recommendation systems to better match the users and the events.
  2. Finding a metric to grade live events happening (Not usually reviewed)
  3. Pitching the Centralized Royalty Program to companies.
  4. More user personalization

Entrepreneurial Business Details for Coleman Foundation Project

Target Customers

  • College students, young adults — savvy with saving money and time
  • Tourist, travelers — looking for new places to go within a set time span.
  • People looking forward to store all their royalty programs in one app.


  1. Tourist and travelers in new cities want to find places to explore
  2. People especially college students living in the city have no motivation to discover their own local areas due to several reasons:
    1. Limited time availability between classes or homeworks
    2. Overwhelming info about local places and events from from various apps.
  3. A bunch of apps exist that help in finding places and events, but there are no apps that encourage people to explore the places and city based on how free they are!
  4. Restaurant Loyalty systems are becoming incresingly vast and its really hard to keep track of them.

Solutions for the Problems

  1. Customer incentives
    • Simple UI that gives a list of all events happening.
    • Centralized reward system. ( Makes making various accounts for each store redundant)
    • Simple and Clean Curated list ranked by sentiment analysis of reviews.
  2. Business incentives
    • Increased visibility based on customer reviews and more based on sponsership.
    • Easy Creation of reward systems for smaller companies.
    • Benefit off of the platform (transferable rewards, centralized)
    • Creation of Centralized Royalty system (Especially useful for small businesses)
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