A lot of students have trouble accessing education resources because of limitations in internet access. In Africa, the prevalence of social media platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook has made internet bundles access easier for such tools and cost effective, but the broader internet coverage is still expensive. Odogwu seeks to bridge the gap between students and teachers who have resources with those who don’t have by leveraging the internet and social media platforms such as Whatapp, and also the use of USSD to give access to the most affected students.

What it does

Upload resources/stores in the cloud Whatsapp bot searches USSD searches Server view

People Brian Ntanga, Hillary Tamirepi

How I built it

We used React Javascript for the frontend and Node JS for the backend. We also used Twilio for creating the WhatsApp bot and also Africa's Talking's USSD services for our USSD services

Challenges I ran into

We had trouble implementing an effective search for books. We ultimately decided to use an external library (Fuse.js) to make the search process easier. It was hard finding USSD service providers and Whatsapp API( which is not easily accessible). Luckily Twilio came through and we were able to use its API to make bots.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Building an MVP in less than a week

What I learned

The value of teamwork .

What's next for Odogwu

Customization for specific organizations to allow stakeholders to use the platform in order for clients to access resources offline.

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