He used to do all audio engineering and recording sessions, before we built this.

How we built it

Three amigos from Capital One met this awesome person at Disrupt and we had the best 12 hours building it.

Challenges we ran into

  • Python 2.* has a lot of issues with the certificates in making RESTful calls vis HTTPS with ssl/TLS.
  • Digital audio workstation has limitations in working with MIDI
  • Alexa's NLP isn't super great (affect/effect = same word)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Everything works for live demo
  • Met a fellow hacker
  • Had fun and stayed up late.

What we learned

  • MIDI controller and interfacing MIDI with digital audio workstation
  • Building alexa skills kit and using lambda.
  • Python 3.* >>>>> Python 2.*

What's next for Odis

More features, sharing audio via call (sorry Nexmo, we tried).

Built With

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