Where I grew up in Nigeria, in Lagos, every kid's desire is to play football. When I would see kids going out to play football, I would like to join them to play, That is how I got that passion to play football. Every day, I had to go out there and join the guys to play football. My mum, too, is one of my inspirations, because she always encouraged me.

What it does

Odion Ighalo plays a striker, good with both feet, at manchester united

How I built it

Took immense amount of energy, dedication, patience and hardwork

Challenges I ran into

Competing with the best, ronaldo, zlatan etc

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Playing for man utd top scorer at CONCAF

What I learned

Lots of things, especially to love

What's next for ODION IGHALO

Win trophy for Man United

Built With

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