We were inspired by the potential for real-time pricing to meet all three of CCAs' goals: reducing procurement costs, reducing GHG emissions, and investing in local distributed energy resources.

What it does

Odin is a web dashboard with real-time price data (provided by CAISO OASIS) and marginal emissions data (provided by the WattTime SGIP signal).

How I built it

The dashboard was built using ApexCharts.js and hosted on a Python Flask server. Additional technical-potential data analysis, and the associated historical-data-cleaning, was performed using R.

Challenges I ran into

The CAISO OASIS API proved difficult to pull data from, although we ultimately were successful.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Successfully pulling both real-time data and a year's worth of historical data from two different APIs, and performing data visualization with both.

What I learned

Besides the technical learnings, and learning to work together well as a team, we had the opportunity to talk to several CCA employees about the idea and better understand their perspective and level of interest.

What's next for Odin

Some technical future work items include adding RA and AS costs, and include price forecasting

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