Background: "Odds Are" is a dare game wherein a person issues a funny dare to another person. The recipient of the dare must say 1 out of a certain number, demonstrating the likelihood that they will perform the task. A third party counts the other two people down from 3: i.e. 1,2,3. After the countdown, the challenger and the daree must say a number through 1 and the certain number (if they said 1-15, it would have to be a number between that). If both participants say the same number, then the daree must perform the task. Our Goal: Our application allows two friends to play Odds Are in a simple, user-friendly environment over an iPhone application, with the ability to video tape the daree performing the odds challenge he was tasked with. These ephemeral clips of proof will be available on your friends' Odds feed only for 24 hours and you urself can pursue other lost odd challenges where your friends' perform their dares. With a sleek design and an optimized UI/UX we allow users to laugh with each other at the outcomes of this simple game.

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