My team mates and I wanted to develop a replacement to the currently implemented project management system at our school.

What it does

This app allows for students to input their classes, and the assignments, tests, and projects that they have. This populates a calendar view with all of the student's upcoming deadlines. In addition if the student has a group project, the app will allow the user to select the phone numbers of other members in order to create an SMS group-chat

How I built it

The Android app was developed in Android Studio.

Challenges I ran into

The implementation of the Twilio SDK required a lot of backend ceremony that we were not prepared for.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are prowd that we were able to end up with a functioning Android app, despite the lack of Twilio integration.

What I learned

We learned good practices with Git, how to start webservers, how to manage dependencies, developing Android apps, implementing 3rd party SDKs, and how to manage time at hackathons.

What's next for Oddi

We hope to further further develop and refine Oddi in order to add more unique features, such as reminding students daily of their agenda.

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