My fiance is a Early Years Foundation Teacher in the UK and as I've been looking at creating skills for Alexa I have been looking at ways she could use Alexa in her class as well as being a great helper at home. Phonetic sounds is a big thing in the UK with the government having a paper on guidelines for letters and sounds. Parents especially are not very good at phonetic sounding words. Originally this was my idea, to have Alexa sounds phoneticly or play clips of the word being sounded out. This app idea was not suitable to the US however so I came up with a odd one out game with phonetic words. eg. cat starting with a "cuh".

What it does

Odds Sounds is a skill where the user invokes a game, the game involves 10 sets of questions in which one word is the odd one out. Children have to say which word is the odd one out. eg. dog, den, dam, fish. Fish is the odd one out as it starts with a 'fff' sound and not a 'duh' sound.

How I built it

I built this skill using the Amazon AWS console and started with a template fact skill to ensure the Alexa SDK was set up and I could edit online.

Challenges I ran into

One challenge which was new to me was allowing a function to be loop, such as... ask a question, yes or no, if yes, question is asked again, if no, game stops.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Now that I have created a few skills over the week I am proud of the speed it is taking me to create the skills and also my ability to troubleshoot and understand what works and what doesnt.

What I learned

Using the Skill Builder and working directly into the lambda file in the lambda management console.

What's next for Odd Sounds

To include direct intents, difficulty levels, ability to focus on specific sounds, increase amount of questions.

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