Financial literacy is a serious issue today. It is estimated that around 60% of American citizens don't save, which is a MASSIVE problem, and causes economical instability. We wanted to craft a game to help others better understand core concepts such as loans, interest rates, and credit.

What it does

The game puts the player in the shoes of a business owner. The player can expand their business and take out loans, all while trying to increase their net worth. They are forced to have a sound financial strategy, or else unpredictability in the game will get the best of them, just as in real life :)

How we built it

We created a single-page React app using HTML/CSS and Node.js. Our application leverages the Even API to produce realistic loan rates and circumstances in-game. We used Figma to wireframe and design the UI of our application.

Challenges we ran into

The Even API had a bit of a learning curve, especially with its strict header requirements and nuances. React was also unfamiliar to most of our team members, so it was a learning experience for us all. Since finance was relatively new to all of us, we even had to research and develop our own credit score model! We stayed up for the full 24 hours to finish this project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have a working game that looks (kinda) nice!

What we learned

Not only did we learn new Fintech technologies and React, we learned a lot about personal and business finance during this journey.

What's next for Odd

We'll present it to our economics teacher and have our peers play the game to gain a better understanding of the economy :)

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