The open Data Expert (oDataXpt) is an interactive online tool to allow business/organization to import data set, define analytic data model (including goal, key index, measurement, and series). It is an open source project published on google code, under Apache License 2.0

oDataXpt is built on latest enterprise computing technologies.

The backend is Java Enterprise Edition, JSF and Richfaces. The data repository is mongoDB, a NoSQL database implementation, it provides great extensibility and scalability to be replicated across any agency by using their own dataset, and it can adopt any data schema changes.

At the front end, oDataXpt adopts latest web client technologies, such as HTML5, CSS3, D3.js, and integrates with latest JavaScript library to render interactive data virtualization components, such as bar chart, table, pie chart, line chart, timeline etc. oDataXpt integrates with google map to provide rich geo analysis, which provides best user experience.

oDataXpt provides a comprehensive Meta data/schema to model the data analytic process. The schema is intuitive to domain expert.

Supported Brower: Chrome, Firefox 17.0.10 and IE 10+

Documentation and login user ID / password will be submitted to GSA staff via Email.

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