A method which is based upon memorizing digits or terms using visual associations to create a narrative

How it works

By using the Oculus Rift, the user can see different characters in an endless hallway. The characters each have a number assigned to them, and the characters can also be used to make a story. We made sure to include some interesting characters such as a dinosaur, a zombie, and a knight.

Challenges I ran into

Only one person on our team had experience with Unity, and we also had various technical difficulties along the way.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Despite the lack of experience using Unity and C#, we were still able to create a fairly functional product

What I learned

The team learned quite a bit about using different hardware along with software to create a tool which can be adapted to fit different situations in the future

What's next for OculusPi

Expanding the hardware to include support for the Myo armband for keyboardless control through the virtual environment and allowing for user customizable inputs in order to allow for different things to be memorized

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