If you've ever looked through polarized glasses and noticed the effect of seeing the same image slightly differently with each eye, perhaps you've appreciated that you were effectively augmenting your vision by perceiving light polarity in addition to depth.

What if you could do that with different spectral ranges?

Using both cameras of the FLIR One (one visual, one thermal) and the dual displays (one for each eye) of the Oculus Rift, we superimpose a visual image as seen by one eye with a blended visual/thermal image as seen by the other of the same image subject. You get to see the world in true color AND thermal at the same time.

This ability can be further refined by applying various filters to the two visual channels. For example, the eyes may both see visual information, but the saturation or brightness of a pixel may be modulated between both eyes by heat information obtained from the FLIR. This method proposes an alternative to spectral compression as a means of achieving extra-visual light perception.

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