It was our first time playing with Oculus Rift, and we love music. Basically, we were inspired by Coldplay's "Speed of Sound" M/V.

How it works

  • Import song
  • Insert, play, watch Analyzes spectrum of the song and uses Unity and Javascript to draw and move the objects.

Challenges I ran into

We wanted to input source as general, but now it only works for pre-selected music.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We didn't know anything about Unity3D and Oculus Rift before coming to CodeRed. We're super happy that we made the result!

What I learned

Oculus Rift was not very hard to implement! It looked so hard!

What's next for Oculus VR Audio Visualizer

Get audio input from general resources.

Additional Videos?

  1. Hiphop :
  2. Classic :
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