Our inspiration was to make an app that would use vr in a compelling way in an eCommerce setting rather than the more traditional gaming setting and get those shiny stickers.

What it does

At the current time we have a shop environment that the user can look around with a mouse. They can enter a search term with the keyboard, and this information is passed to Algolia which returns relevant items in a database.

How we built it

3DS max and photoshop to create high level assets. Environment design in Unity. C# scripts to control interaction.

Challenges we ran into

Could not get the oculus to work on lab computers as they were incompatible. Could not get the oculus to work on hired laptops or own laptops due to low specs. Unity had issues with using external libraries so we had to move to a laptop with a later version. Then we had to import our project to the later version which meant reinstalling 3ds max, and reconfiguring the scene. Visual Studio kept crashing and halting our progress. We spent a lot of time trying to use the javascript version of Algolia before realising it was incompatible with unity.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Modelling a large assortment of prop assets and textures for the store. Modelling the store environment and character. Implementing external c# libraries in unity.

What we learned

We learnt how to use unity to a much higher level of competency, including learning about new event types. We enhanced our skills at using c# Learnt more about javascript and its limitations. We learnt more about using apis. We improved our 3D modelling skills.

What's next for Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Shop with Algolia API

Getting it to work :) We were almost there.

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