We experienced the Oculus Rift and thought "Wow". Then we tried out the hand controls of the Razer Hydra and thought "Wow" again. Once the Oculus VR Jam was announced in summer of 2013 we decided we wanted to try out an idea, "What would it be like to experience the movie, 'Gladiator'". The result was Oculus Maximus.

How it works

You need a DK1 and Razer Hydra controllers. This was created in UDK so you must disable the normal Oculus Runtime Service to run the game.

Challenges I ran into

We wanted fully physics driven sword combat game play. This required us to bend the physics system in ways it was not accustomed to but in the end it worked out really well. Besides this we had all the normal issues you have in creating any game, optimizing for performance, debugging importing assets, prioritizing feature development, normal "stuff".

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Our game play worked out great. The visuals of the game are great. Definitely a great game experience.

What I learned

A lot about indie game management. We did everything from setting up a company, rented out office space, kept up a dev blog, and of course we made the game.

What's next for Oculus Maximus

OM is shelved for now. There is still no real 1 to 1 hand control on the market (Razer Hydra is discontinued) and, at the moment, Sixense STEM is still not released. Without the ability to swing your arms like real sword combat it just isn't the same. But that may all change... we shall see.

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