The primary idea behind the system came from the fascination me (Hrishi) and Sean had with the Google Cardboard. We loved the immersive experience it provided for only twenty dollars. We then got to thinking about implementing VR in a cheap yet extremely well-designed system.

After much brainstorming with the gang (Parag and Aaron), we realised we could build a system that utilised only two cheap android camera phones to generate high-definition Virtual Reality streams that could be viewed by anyone with a 3d device. This could be a $3000 3D Television, a $300 Oculus Rift, or a $30 Google Cardboard. We then designed the system using a Software-as-a-Service model whereby anyone with a browser and a color display could view the stream. Any android phone could stream this data, and any phone or computer (or chromecast) could receive it.

The target audience we intended this for was everyone. We believe that Virtual Reality is the next revolution in visual media, in much the same way as color television was in the 1900s. It is the next step in recreating the true visual experience of a human existence. Fifty years from now (or two, thanks to us) the next generation will look at our movies and wonder how we could even have watched them, as unrealistic as they are. In today's world though, the possibilities are endless. Imagine being able to equip bomb disposal robots and scientific exploration bots with easy VR where better vision and immersion are possible, and to send them into the midst of IEDs and volcanoes. Imagine being able to watch the most influential sports moment of 2014 as though you were witnessing it right there in the middle of the field. Imagine telepresence devices that give let you experience the freedom of travel whilst stuck in Russia. Imagine tiny devices that could enter machines and human beings alike and allow depth-perception to reveal their flaws. Imagine VR, everywhere.

As an example, we designed a car that could be driven through VR. We will be doing live demonstration of this technology, when a volunteer will be asked to drive the car simply through VR and to describe his experience. Let's wait for his opinion.

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