Computer Vision and Virtual Reality

What it does

Limits physical joint movement when the user collides with a virtual object. Adds tactile responsiveness to the virtual realm.

How WE built it


We created the glove band using the PagerDuty swag and attached a motor sensor to the band using clear tape (red tape in the second version to increase aesthetics). The finger sensor cap was connected to the motor sensor using wires.

  • The finger sensor cap was built using the grip from the FlatIron rubber phone case attachable wallets
  • There is only one motor sensor which controls one finger

  • The finger sensor cap was built using the cap of the yelp lip balm
  • The finger sensor cap was connected to the motor sensor using wires
  • There is only three motor sensor which controls three fingers


The hand animation was built using Blender.


The main integration happens from a C# file which is run through unity.

Challenges WE ran into

Quite a bit:

  • Lack of knowledge with Computer Vision and Virtual Reality. _This was a new field for all of the members so a large majority of what we built stemmed from learning on the spot and creativity_
  • There was a lot of time spent on debugging. _Nothing new in the hacker community_
  • Integrating the Arduino Circuit with Unity
  • Lack of materials

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Getting stuff to work despite our limited knowledge of computer vision/virtual reality
  • Made a motorized glove out #SWAG

What WE learned

  • The way Oculus Rift works with Unity
  • It is possible to integrate Arduino with Unity which is integrated with the Oculus
  • It is very easy to lose track on the amount of time expended on debugging
  • New Softwares and Technologies such as Unity, Blender, Oculus Rift

What's next for OcuHALT

Adding a 3D mouse camera controller which would track the glove. By tracking the glove and displaying the results on to the Oculus, the OcuHALT will become an active real time device. The 3D mouse controller would be completed with either leap motion or a custom made mobile application.

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posted an update

The glove prototype has been revamped. Version 2 is released and it combines functionality with style! The Oculus is working. The objects for the oculus animation which we pan on having is movable and working, now exporting that file from blender to Unity. Having trouble integrating Unity with Arduino. The C# code is right, but we are having problems on the Unity end.

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