A combination of Octocat and trampolines, this project aims to engage users with a challenging and visually stimulating arcade game. Added to the fun is a sense of competition inspired by the in-game leaderboard. Many Git-inspired puns also add to a good time.


The front-end of this web-based app is designed primarily in Processing.js. It uses the library to implement 2D side scrolling arcade action as well as game physics. The front-end uses Ajax to communicate with the Python backend. The Python backend is running Python 2.7 and a BaseHTTPServer. It stores high scores on the server using Python's builtin pickle module. When Ajax sends a request, the Python server sends back a list of the top ten scores separated by \n.


The back-end and front-end are both hosted using an E2 instance of AWS running Windows server 2012. The domain is hosted on DotTech domains.

Running the front-end locally

Some browsers have local CORS restrictions, so you should run a server locally using the command python -m SimpleHTTPServer in the root directory of this project. Then, open your webbrowser to http://localhost:8000.

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