We are inspired by the use of the new technology and applications to solve people's daily life problems and it's security by using : minimum human resources, least materials with low costs.

What it does

Our application is much concerned with the use of artificial intelligence associated with the use of the new technology (Arduino).

How we built it

The application is pre-programmed in accordance with the problems that we noticed in our daily life.

Challenges we ran into

The various problems of the people's daily life pushed us to generalize our application in order to cover all these problems.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The effectiveness of our prototype (model) seems to be an indication of the success of our project.

What we learned

It's a great opportunity for us to be among the winner's of the Hackathon competition which encouraged group work sharing competencies and experiences, developing critical thinking, the ability to find out solutions which reflect people's daily life problems realized in applicable project.

What's next for Octopus16

With the government’s encouragement of scientific research, the possibility for Algiers to be a smart city and despite the various obstacles is no longer an attainable objective. The realization of our system and its generalization will shape the broad lines of the expected smart city and its security.

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