We were inspired by massive shutdowns happening all around the world. This prompted us to find out why many of these businesses are shutting down. From this, we made OctoDash to alleviate the problems that we most commonly saw.

What it does

Octo Dashboard is designed with the COVID-19 epidemic in mind. With Octo Dashboard, restaurants and other small businesses can minimize the amount of product that they waste each week.

Octo Dashboard utilizes machine learning to predict the number of customers that a business can expect, and thus the amount of supplies the business will need, given past data on the number of customers per day and the current statistics on COVID-19. Additionally, Octo Dashboard provides a variety of relevant news to the businesses that utilize it.

How we built it

We built the front end with React and several libraries such as material ui. The back end was built in python to use the full power of native machine learning libraries.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into a lot of challenges in the python script with the news aggregation, especially concerning tags relevant to businesses. Additionally, implementing machine learning to come up with a precise prediction proved to be quite difficult, but we preserved and are very excited to see out app deploy.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Data prediction follows a great pattern and the general look and usability make it great for our audience. Furthermore, our UI is far beyond what we first imagined and the news aggregation is an additional feat to what we had originally thought of.

What we learned

We learned much about the integration of machine learning and other complex technologies. Also along the way, many of us picked up skill in web design that greatly helped to improve the final look of the app.

What's next for OctoDash

We look to improve our machine learning algorithm, add addition functionality in other languages, and eventually develop a whole ecosystem dedicated to helping small businesses.

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