Legend has it that the mystical Octocat is working hard on publishing the perfect app. This of course can not be done without the help of fellow open source contributors.

These contributors help by submitting issues with Octocat's codebase. Octocat has to fix these issues with commits. The more issues he fixes the more watchers will join in to contirbute to the codebase. If Octocat fails to fix issues they keep piling up and causing the codebase to lose watchers whenever Octocat stumbles upon these issues.

Periodically Octocat will have to make a public release. If successful Octocat's codebase will increase in popularity and gain lots of watchers. If failing to release, the codebase loses a part of it's watchers who decide to go and build node modules for NASA instead.

Once Octocat's codebase will gain enough popularity he can retire hapily and go with his brothers to Valhalla. Legend has it, it takes a legion of 2000 faithful watchers to grant him ascension to the heavens.


The game can be played either with a gamepad or keyboard.

From the menu select your preferred input and click start.

Keyboard input:

Left/Right arrows to move Octocat. Z to jump X to shoot P to restart game

Gamepad input:

Left/Right D-pad to move Octocat. B to jump Y to shoot Start to restart game

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