The inspiration for Octobay as a whole came from being disappointed with other bounty platforms, especially in terms of user experience. The governance system we've built during this hackathon arose from the fact that even the most active contributors in a project don't necessarily have a significant share in governance tokens, since in most cases, they have an openly available supply that can simply be bought up with money.


What it does

The Octobay governance system aims to be a service that projects can start using with just a few clicks. It makes sure that shares can only be acquired through contributing, by making the governance tokens only indirectly transferable through the Octobay contracts, instead of putting them on the open market. Proposals can also be made for new bounties, leading to a closed circle revolving around solving issues and planning the funding for upcoming ones.

How we built it

Custom Chainlink adapters connect the platform with GitHub while our Subgraph makes all the relevant data easily accessible. Our set of smart contracts handles all funds, creates new governance tokens (Departments) for projects and manages Permission-NFTs.

Relevant repositories:

Challenges we ran into

Running out of gas. And/or memory because I desperately tried to run EVERYTHING locally. Also GitHub's access restrictions to certain information AFTER assuming there are none.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Something very rare in software development... Delivering on promises and satisfying our own expectations.

What we learned

Contracts have a maximum size of 24 kilobytes and division by zero is still not allowed in this universe and called a "bad instruction" in solidity. Subgraphs are awesome and NFTs can reduce the number of oracle requests.

What's next for Octobay

  • cleanup and optimization
  • finalizing promotional features
    • integration of Twitter, Reddit, etc.
    • Octobay Promo Token development
  • layer 2 integration
  • launch
  • discussing tons of other ideas

Built With

  • external-adapters
  • nuxtjs
  • solidity
  • thegraph
  • vuejs
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