We are inspired bythe thousands of hackers around the world, who spend long hours working on their projects. We wanted to create a form of utility that allows them to save their eyes during a long work session.

What it does

Reads your face data to know if you're looking at the screen. With this data, checks whether you are squinting/too close, and lets you know tips to mitigate these bad practices which can damage eyes and your vision.

How we built it

We used cloud technologies to receive user images and to process them for feedback on their laptops, while having a dummy terminal on the user's computer.

Challenges we ran into

We had a small glitch with our cloud instance's api - we also ran into issues with chrome functionality not being kept up todate and had to devise many work arounds.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

this was our first time working with a chrome web extension, as well as creating our own compute engine using Azure.

What we learned

Many of us were first time hackers and we learned to keep working hard to play hard and sleep hard!

What's next for octo-news-reel

We plan on scaling this to further platforms, such as Firefox and mobile, after some functionalities that we feel are implemented. For example ,the ability to create a profile within a logon application, and more.

Special Note

Our main working branch is the attached branch, chromegui!!! Please refer to this when evaluating the project.

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