With the current pandemic of Corona virus and insecurity in my community, as a developer, I needed to provide my contribution

What it does

The application uses gps to alert people within 5km from you in case you develop COVID-19 symptoms.Everyone within that area receives a notification. I also provide you with the nearest police station’s telephone number depending on your current location

How I built it

I used fast to go technology, Flutter and Firebase

Challenges I ran into

The biggest challenge right now is server costs, if the app is to be downloaded by million of people since it’s needed in the community, then I may not be able to maintain it and the service will be shutdown immediately

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

A lot of people have coronavirus symptoms and some even have it but they don’t know where to start if the app can be a bridge between those providers of care and the population on a local level, then it’s a thing to be proud of

What I learned

As a programmer, you always gain experience from every line of code that you write. I have become a better programmer through this challenge allowing me to be even more useful in the future of humanity

What's next for Octave

Octave will be a platform that allows people report any type of abuse once coronavirus is defeated

Built With

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