The inspiration for this was shopping for hair care products and finding out how damaging and unsafe these items actually are. I realized that I never checked the ingredients on my cosmetics because it was too much work and I was too lazy to type in all the ingredients manually. Enter unmasked, an application that takes care of all the hard work and is as easy as taking a selfie or a snap, but allows you to see every single chemical that you are putting on your body. This is something that we NEED to know because unlike medicine and food, The FDA does not cover cosmetics at all. This means that the companies that make your shampoo, makeup, moisturizer, and all the things you use daily are free to get away with putting in whatever they want. On top of all of that, some of these ingredients in cosmetics have are often allergens that people do not know about. The goal I have with unmasked was to make the ingredients in cosmetics more transparent and hopefully even change the practices that they major companies use.

This project is not completed and far from done.

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