Imagine yourself one of the 100+ colleagues of the team who is launching a rocket to the Moon or rolling out enterprise-level updates over multiple systems. You have a strict plan which is already known by everyone because you performed multiple dry-runs. But the real launch is much different rather than dry-runs. And the price for a mistake might be huge: millions and millions of dollars or even human lives!

What it does

OCommodoreBot helps work on and execute Launch Plans; plus do your lessons learned for next time. It has two parts:

  • WebApp - where you can prepare plans, do analysis and etc.
  • Chat Bot - it participates in groups chat and organize and orchestrate actual execution of a prepared plan

How I built it

Main component is Orienteer. It's open-source and provides the required basis for building business applications like this one. Under the hood it's based on OrientDB ( - GraphDB which is being used for storing Execution Plans.

Plus Java API for Telegram has been used.

Please check the presentation for more details

Challenges I ran into

  • Lack of time

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Working prototype
  • Stability and easy use of Orienteer

What I learned

It's not so easy to speed-up video:)

What's next for OCommodoreBot

  • MVP Implementation
    • Multiple Instant Messengers (used by enterprise): Skype, Slack
    • Integrations: MS Project, IT automation tools (Ansible), Workforce Management, Business Process Management (Camunda)
  • Landing Page
  • Targeting ads
  • Building and adjustment of Financial Model
  • Getting traction
  • Looking for investors for Seed Round (Per FM: ~$250k needed for take off)

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