Homelessness is a major problem, with the need to quickly find available beds and shelter of utmost importance in times of emergency. The ability to stay current with local inventory and receive timely notifications for possible referrals is very valuable to those experiencing the hardship of homelessness.

What it does

This application allows you to quickly view and find available beds in your local area, based on geolocation of the client. When beds are available, a clients is able to view the location and assess if the beds available will meet his/her needs (based upon household composition/requirements). Then they are able to find walking directions as well as reserve a room at the given shelter.

We also provide for increased collaboration between providers using this system. The ability to easily search, refer, and add new clients is a key way that providers can share data with each others.

How we built it

Working together as an agile teams, using 3 hour sprints instead of 2 weeks, we were able to quickly iterate over our ideas. We leveraged technologies such as AWS, CouchDB, React.js, Node.js and others to accomplish our goals.

Challenges we ran into

Finding public APIs with the information we wanted and needed for predictive models was a challenge. We also found out that sleep is something you can not go without!!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A really sleek interface for finding and reserving available shelter beds was one of the things we are really proud of. Most of all, working towards a great cause gave us all a sense of pride.

What we learned

We learned some implementations of AWS SNS, how to work in incredibly stressful situations, and how to stay focused on the big picture

What's next for Ocelot Consulting's Global Hack 6 Project

More work on the predictive modeling!

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