Oceen offers natural guided relaxations, for calming in difficult situations, handling stress, releasing pain and re-energizing.

People behind Oceen app have been researching and practicing relaxation techniques for over 20 years now. During this process we have refined our methods, combining simple, natural and easy to learn techniques into a powerful tool.

There are plenty of relaxation and meditation apps out there but our key difference is that we ask you literally to do nothing. You don't have to focus on anything, you don't have to sit in a particular position, you don't have to repeat any mantra and you don't have to visualize anything.

You just have to be.

And that's the hardest thing to do because our body and mind are 24/7 in a tense state. Even when we sleep most of us are not relaxed. Learning how to let go requires a real skill.

The key for good relaxation is an energy flow, once the person gets it, you can notice it immediately. As long we keep our mind empty, body relaxed, the energy will be able to flow, and this flow will bring huge benefit to our wellbeing. From improving sleep, feeling happier, feeling more relaxed, increasing our ability to deal with problems, getting more efficient at work, and generally being more successful.

With most mindfulness app we don't feel energy flow at all from people who are guiding. It all sounds too mechanical and too narrative. It lacks energy transmission, which is a key for a good relaxation.

Our relaxations are simple, natural, non-hypnotic, non-meditative and script free. The voice recordings offer practical guidance, helping you create an energy field, calming body and mind. If you have never attempted a relaxation before, you will be surprised how simple it is to benefit. All you need to do is make yourself comfortable and enjoy.

And what is most exciting, there are so many levels how deep you can relax, and every time you want to go further and further, reaching every single cell in your body, telling them to just let go, and everything will be fine.

Life is truly beautiful once we let go of control, and helping people to let go is the core service of Oceen app.

Thank you

Johny Miric & Gwen Hoffmann

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