I needed to build a server-less and fully decentralized Shopify Ecommerce site using Ocean Pacific Network Protocols so I have to start from scratch to build new application leveraging Ocean Pacific Network. I only build this app within 9 days because I could not get this information on time.

I appealed for time extension at discussion but I was unlucky as submission time has been fixed permanently. Okay Lets go.......

Oceanify is a Decentralized Market Place for Buying, Sharing and Selling of Digital Assets powered by Ocean Pacific Network Protocols

How to Test

Please use Metamask connected to ocean pacific network

What to know

This application covered two categories on Researched Courses and Sports.

Researched Courses can range from Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Oragnic Chemistry etc. Sports dataset can range Table Tennis, Boxing, Football, Crickets etc...

Who is Author on Oceanify Pacific Network : An author can be a researched Lay Person, Students, Lecturers, Researchers etc who publishes her Datasets on Ocean Pacific Protocols either for

1.)For Personal Updates.

2.)For Sharing

3.) For Buying and Selling based on Price Tags

What it does

1.) New Design From Scratch. Extremely Elegant and highly Responsive Application.

2.) New Autosuggestion Search Engine for easy Datasets access just like google search. Datasets popups immediately as User types.. Searching is now immediate. You can search by Dataset name, Title, category, tags etc.

3.) It Allows Authors to Publish his/her Datasets on its Ocean Stores using New Forms.

4.) Explore Marketplaces to access Datasets Published by other Authors.

5.) Buy, Share and Sell Datasets based on Price Tags.

6.) Automatic Linking of all Datasets published by a certain Author for easy access. When an Author Publish a Dataset, his/her Ocean Store is automatically linked to that very dataset so that finding just one dataset of his published data will take the user to access all datasets published by the same author.

In other words, it allows creating data wallet for holding users data endpoints to be used universally on all Ocean Protocol powered Marketplaces

Each published datasets has links to Shopping Carts and Visit Authors Dataset Store options.

see screenshot below


Maximize Sales From Your Oceanify Store with your Store shareable links page

It Allows Authors to Share a direct links of all his published datasets in his stores to Friends, Clients, customers etc. something like

Anyone who has your Store Page Link on Oceanify Pacific Network can visit your product page to view, access and make purchase. Your clients can contact you from your sales page via email contact on the authors store page on ocean network protocol within oceanify application

Communication Made Easy via Email

Every E-commerce Site Need a way to provide communications between Buyers and Sellers. The Application provide us with email campaign while maintains Ocean Pacific Network Decentralization.

Here is what the Email Does

1.)It allows Buyers to contact the author from is Dataset stores for easy communications. The buyer can fill out the Email form on the Sellers Page to make an inquiry about any products before consuming

2.) For Bookmarking: Each Published Datasets allows either Bookmark the datasets for later access or to consume/purchase immediately. when Buyers click on bookmark option attached to the published dataset, The link to that Dataset content is set to the Buyers Email Address. Please see Email Setting options.

3) For Purchase Notifications: Whenever an author has a sales or his datasets is being consumed, the application sends automatic email messages to the authors registered email address for the updates.

How I built it

I started with the simple react tutorials on ocean protocols going forwards.

I used php to process Email Messages. Nodejs will be my options next time.

Challenges I ran into

Am having issues with consume button. Trying to sort it out but time is on my neck.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It is not easy working under stress. When I requested for submission time extension and it was declined. I was like let me forget this. But my fiance encourage me alots. Perhaps if God help us win. The reward from Oceans will have a long way with our wedding.

What's next for oceanify

What I built was just a little compared to what I have in mind. Many more features will be rolled out if Ocean Engineers will give us a second round. Thank you.

Built With

  • network
  • ocean
  • pacific
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