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Wanting to keep our beaches and parks clean and help keep track of our efforts so we can best create laws and make lifestyfle changes to better the planet, we created OceanCleanup. As a frequent volunteer for beach cleanups, I know the flawed system that is used. Volunteers must carry around a piece of paper and write down the names of the items they find and keep a tally of the totals of each different trash category. At the end of the beach cleanup, the paper slips are collected and a voluneer manually inputs this data into the trash collection database. With this data, organizations like Heal the Bay can target efforts towards reducing trash found on beaches with real data. This will permit Heal the Bay's volunteers to spend time evaluating the data found and how to best reduce trash found at the beach!

What it does

Our webapp allows users to upload a photo of the trash they find and using the Clarifai API, the trash will be labeled and put into the trash Firebase database with the location the trash was found which we used the the GoogleMaps API with. Users can post on Facebook that they are picking up trash to build awareness and encourage others to do the same! Our site also displays the trash data found to help users visualize the data.

How We built it

We built this using Python, JavaScript, HTML and CSS. We used the Clarifai API, GoogleMaps API, Firebase, and bootstrap. We are using the Facebook API to post to users wall. We are using Flask to create templates and share this webapp online.

Challenges We ran into

We found the general Clarifai model was not giving us the labels we were looking for, so we created our own dataset. We also ran into challenges parsing the JSON file of how Clarifai identified the images, but thanks Kunal for helping us debug!

We ran into a bunch of HTML problems in formatting the submit button in our form

We ran into issues getting the name of the nearest beach from GoogleMaps and opted for the latitude and longitude data instead as it would allow us to display the point on a map.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

First Hackathon!!! First Webapp!!!! (not for Natalie) and made a really dope site!!

What We learned


We learned about how to make Flask templates and make PULL requests and made an awesome and super helpful site.

We learned how to incorporate JavaScript AND Python into the same webapp.

What's next for OceanCleanup

Bring it to Heal The Bay!!!

Get better data analysis views so that people can better identify trash according to quantity or location

Game-ify OceanCleanup so that users can compete with their facebook friends to see who can pick up the most trash

This can also be used in cities like New York to keep NYC's parks clean :)

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