Centralized apps like truecaller help us get the owner of unknown mobile numbers .They do it by collecting contacts of people who have there apps installed , and then the apps serves the information to the one who requires this information

But in this case the data published gets no benefit as well as the collected data gets shared with everyone hence hampering privacy

How I built it

We have utilized decentralized data exchange using Ocean protocol and Filecoin to solve this problem

User will publish his/her contacts which include name and phone number to filecoin . This contacts dataset will then be published to ocean protocol .We will now just persist the mobile numbers but not the names with the corresponding DID on our database

Now whenever a user comes and enters a mobile number whose owner is to be fetched then we will fetch the DID of the corresponding mobile number from our database, we then will buy the dataset from Ocean protocol using the user's wallet (buyers wallet) and then fetch the owners mobile number and name from the dataset with is obtained using Ocean protocol and then we will return the result.

What's next for OceanCaller

Integrating compute service for ocean caller to fetch the mobile number.

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posted an update

We will also be adding a Mark as Spam option for spammers on the mobile app and when the user has got a significantly collected data then he can publish this dataset too for others to buy and improve their experience with spam calls by purchasing these datasets to oceancaller .

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