I love the ocean, I thought I could create its essence and share with people

What it does

Has all the sonic frequencies of the fullest ocean waves nature could make in our hearing range. Changes in volume to scales that make the body pay attention and want to follow. The frequencies intensities are matched to the longest through to the shortest hearing cells in the ear, to fit like a glove and not stress them out.

How I built it

I created a noise to audio algorithm, later I wanted to find the average range of swells that are natural to the ocean, but also are natural to humans state of ideal relaxation, to find middle point. There were two parts, the rate of intervals (spacing of time) and the power changes (loud to quiet). Then I wanted to find out how to make the ocean spray sounds that come after the waves come down. Then I treated the Alexa like a professional audio system by running test tones through the Alexa to record its sonic fingerprint, then I optimized my audio to Alexa's sound system.

Challenges I ran into

understanding the alexa directives requests and intents schemas

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

so many people love it

What I learned

My mother asked me if people like my ocean waves on the full moon? So I checked and there's a picture in the gallery yes people do seem to like it at moon phases!

What's next for Ocean Waves for Alexa

speed changes, more spray control, melody control, animated video

Built With

  • python-2.7-s3-aws-lambda
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