With a whirlwind of events happening around the world, the problem of ocean pollution has faded many people’s minds. Ocean pollution awareness is an important matter that needs to be reinforced again so everyone’s learning starts now! The amount of trash in the ocean such as The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is frightening and we want to be an impactful source that can make the difference in people’s lives. Having more of an engaging website allows us to target not only adults, but the youth that will become the future of this world. Teaching youth about matters early, allows them to innovate and create change in the long run.

What it does

Oceanation is a website that has two pages filled with information about organizations, lists major facts, links to useful innovative sites and displays images of many species living in the oceans. The interactive part is the game that pushes awareness for our world’s ocean pollution problem. It allows people to move their mouse, which is essentially the hook, and has a goal of collecting all the harmful materials in the ocean. This game targets a younger demographic that has a big influence over our generation. Our website truly entertains and educates.

How we built it

For the website we used HTML to display the images and texts. We then styled and formatted it with CSS. The interactive game was built using JavaScript and the website was hosted on glitch.

Challenges we ran into

One challenge we ran into was working on the game. As many of us visioned it differently, we had difficulties coding when everyone split up working on different parts. With this in mind, we drew out what our site would look like, then delved into our game features. After this, another challenge aroused as the functionality was slow and the game only lasted for a few frames. This forced us to fix and reload the system with images randomly placed moving down with the background image. Lastly, the challenge of coordinating over three different time zones delayed some of the beginning progress, but pushed us to better plan for future meeting times and forced us to effectively communicate.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We’re really proud of improving our speed in the game and smoother collection time with the hook and different objects. We’re proud of the end result of the aesthetically pleasing webpages and the amount of knowledge we learned through researching facts and resources on ocean pollution.

What we learned

We learned how to link our website to a domain that we found on We ran into troubles having it display the link to where we hosted it instead of the domain name itself when the page was loaded. Also, we realized that building a simple game on a site and displaying useful information will allow people to easily learn while they have fun. We too enjoyed learning by building web pages, games and researching about the world’s ocean pollution problem.

What's next for Ocean Nation

Next steps for Ocean Nation includes creating charts and graphs that allow users to easily notice at first glance how bad ocean pollution is. We also want to create new links and constantly add the latest new articles concerning ocean pollution so people know that our site is the “one shop for all” ocean pollution website. On the game aspect, we want to provide more levels, implement a map that shows where they are fishing the garbage out of the oceans and increase the game fluency making it more engaging for everyone.

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