Everyone loves marine life but we end up throwing lot of trash into ocean that affects the beauty of the nature.We wanted to promote cleaning up the ocean as a first person view . As everyone love FPS games we wanted to promote cleaning using that technique .

What it does

Our filter is a simple game where the user places the land on the floor and then they walk around underwater and pickup trash by tapping on them .The people will walk around the water and collect trash and see the marine life in close.

How we built it

We used 3d max for modelling and adobe suite for texturing . We used less models and we build the map where the user can walk around like an open world using the models. We make a simple marine world where they can see fish , marine plants and stuff as they collect the trash .we used plane tracking to place the world so the user can walk around .

Challenges we ran into

Making all the elements come under the file size and reducing the size without affecting the quality of them. When making the game mechanics the rope was difficult at first and when testing the plane tracking was bit buggy as we had normal devices where the tracking was not great.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

we created an open world with in 4 mb size and we made a First person trash collector game with less size.

What we learned

How to optimise stuff for the low size and high quality

What's next for Ocean Cleaning Force

we can make a task based world first person where we can compete for how's cleaning more .Add more life forms into it so it will be a good experience for those who try the filter.

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